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Writings by Jonathan Young

Finding Courage for the Tasks (2013)

A Few Thoughts on the Rewards of Mentoring (2011)

Tangled Up in a Heartfelt Story (2010)

Mythic Stories and Inner Growth (2010)

Fairy Tale Movies Speak to Adults (2007)

The Radiant Life - Thoughts on the Enduring Significance of Charlotte's Web (2007)

The Good News About Getting Older - Nine Keys to Aging Well (2006)

Joseph Campbell - A Scholar's Life (2004)

Imbolc : A Day for the Queen of Heaven (2004)

A Walk in the Hills - A Few Thoughts on Self Acceptance (2003)

Symbolism in Spring (2003)

Star Wars as Personal Mythology: Episode One (1999)

Insights from a Cinderella Story (1998)

A Day to Honor St. Barbara (1997)

Once Upon a Time - Fairy Tales We Live By (1997)

The Lost Coin (1996)

Joseph Campbell's Mythic Journey (1994)

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Special Interests

The Inner Life of Movies(Voice Managazine, 2022)

Revisiting the Force (Santa Barbara News-Press, 2007)

'Star Wars' universe revolves around Vader (USA Today, 2005)

Mythology in Star Wars (1999)

Book of Star Wars - Religious Significance (1999)

Forward to All You Need is Myth (2019)

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Interviews and Profiles

Mythology and the Wisdom Reservoir (2010)

Welcome to Midlife (2010)

Worthy Adversaries: Villains Take Center Stage (2008)

Old Wisdom & New Ways of Seeing (2007)

Happily Ever After: Hollywood's Love Affair with Happy Endings(2006)

Zidane: Hero Falls on Epic Scale (2006)

Joseph Campbell: His Life and Contributions (2006, 2001)

Joseph Campbell Centennial: Remembering A Master Mythologist (2004)

Myth in Psychotherapy (2002)

Myth and the Hero's Journey: Bigscreen Blockbusters (2002)

Inner Life through Mythology(2001)

Storytelling, Preaching, Meet in 'Golden Age' (1999)

Looking for a Message (1998)

Mythic Perspectives - Healing the Psyche (1998)

Insight to Fairy Tales (1998)

You are the Starring Character in the Story that is Life (1997)

Keeper of the Sacred Stories (1997)

Joseph Campbell - Folklore's Faces (1997)

Spiritual Aspects of Romance (1996)

Psychologist Uses Myth to Get Point Across (1995)

Sacred Stories, Holy Paths (1995)

Mythical Stories Help Unravel Meaning of Life (1995)

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I met Dr. Young 25 years ago at a series of lectures he gave at UC Santa Barbara on Jung, Hillman, and The Wizard of OZ. I later created this website as part of my internship at Cal State Northridge and have maintained it ever since. With well over a hundred pages of information, tools, and resources, is a formidable resource. We have recently transitioned to a responsive design that is mobile-friendly. Some thing may have broken and I'm checking for those. Until that's all polished up, do use the Search tool and if you have a moment, let us know.