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Seeking restoration
you hike to where
fresh water flows
through granite walls
and ease a doubting spirit
into mild currents
under smooth rock ramparts
carved by constant streams.

There is healing here
in this natural cathedral
where wildness makes the music
of a thousand choirs.

The deep stone gorge cradles
like some ancient deity
offering silent sureness and guidance
to the energy of the moment.

Important troubles slip away.
Insistence of movement is the essence here.
All parts of this place have one purpose
to become channel and pulsing.

Every surge is different
every instant unique
each season its own event
and yet here
something is always the same
something quieting.

You float in a small pool
dust washing from spent feet.
Other seekers cannot distract
from this solitary communion.
You are held and cooled and cleansed.

This baptism requires no liturgy.
Arising from the creek
the blessing is sweet
the angels sing.
All things are made new.

~Jonathan Young