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four elements

Today's Forest

After Billy Collins' Days

This isn't necessarily a poem, nor is it entirely written by Anne Bach, who facilitated the group process in which it was created. We thought it would be useful to post it here as an example of one of the many exercises from the Writing in Therapy courses.

One of the methods used to facilitate the writing process in a group is this creation of a collaborative writing, usually done in response to a topic, piece of literature, or other focus. This activity can be an engaging exercise that opens the door to personal creative expression, and at the same time promotes group cohesiveness and safety.

Today begins too early
And with him being gone from the bed

Today begins with my back aching
And with the beauty of clean
Stacked china — before it falls

Today begins with reluctance and anticipation
With hot oatmeal and light rain.

No wonder I find myself finding fault —
Barely being an adult

No wonder I find myself alone
So much of the time

Reluctant to get up
Lost in the places between the plates

No wonder I find myself —
Even though I try to look the other way

No wonder I find myself laughing

This day might be an unmitigated disaster —
But how would we define that?

This day might be an end or a beginning

This might be the day when the beautiful white
Shards of china cover the floor

This might be the day that I take a plate down
And toss it to the wind

This might be the day when plates
Fly through the air on wings

Written by the participants in the Writing In Therapy seminar, facilitated by Anne Bach, 14 March 2003