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The Good Life

Reflecting on our Seasons

Helen Mirren, The Tempest

A six-hour course with Jonathan Young and Anne Bach

Course Description

This is an archived course that is not offered at this time. The description will be updated if presented in the future.

Great rewards come to those who study the inner life. As years go by, reflective practices can also help enrich connections with others. Having learned from abundant mistakes, we can navigate around some difficulties. We will ponder a story from Japanese folklore and Shakepeare’s The Tempest to illustrate accepting unique qualities and opening to creativity. We can find ways to live in the deepest parts of ourselves, and be philosophical about life’s setbacks. In a spirit of play, we will reflect on the long adventure and celebrate the treasures.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how life-story patterns shape experience.

  • Identify how developing authenticity can aid fulfillment.

  • Explain how maturity can deepen self-expression and relationships.

This seminar is taught at the introductory level and requires no advance preparation. However, participants are provided with a recommended reading list as part of their class materials.

CE Credit information

The material is presented at an introductory level, requiring no background in mythic studies, narrative theory, or Jungian psychology.

The following CE credits are available:

  • Psychology, MFT, LCSW, NBCC : 6 CE hours

  • Nursing : 7 hours

Most teachers must get credits approved by their school administration. Center courses meet the requirements in most states. Contact us if you need more information about receiving credit in your state.

How to Register

  1. Select a seminar location from the Current Seminar Dates and Locations

  2. Register online or call the Center


Jonathan Young, PhD is a psychologist (PSY10231) who consults with organizational leaders and creative artists, especially filmmakers. As a professor, he created and chaired the doctoral level department of mythological studies at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. His books and articles focus on personal mythology. His background includes assisting mythologist Joseph Campbell at seminars and serving as founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library.

Anne Bach, M.S., MFT 38891 is a specialist in uses of writing in psychotherapy. She gives presentations on creativity as inner work at major conferences, and lectures widely on psychological dimensions of expressive writing. Her clinical background includes poetry therapy with seriously mentally ill patients.

Other presentations on Mythic Stories

Dr. Young also gives frequent media interviews, public talks, workshops, and in-service trainings throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Helen Mirren in The Tempest

Day Schedule

Checking-in begins at 9:30 a.m. - Seminar 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

9:30 Check-in begins.

10:00 The wisdom archetypes

11:15 - Break (approximate time)

11:30 - Opening to new perspectives as the years pass

12:30 - Lunch Break

- On your own, please return on time

1:30 - Accepting rude surprises, losses, fragility, quirks

2:30 - Break (approximate time)

2:40 - How emerging archetypal roles build social connection

3:50 - Break (approximate time)

4:00 - Deepening, centering, and mentoring in later years

- Maturity as a professional idea

- Being both imaginative and methodical

5:00 - Course concludes - Be sure to sign out

Selections from the Reading List

Bolen, Jean Shinoda (2003) Crones Don't Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women. York Beach, Maine: Red Wheel/Weiser

Bolen, Jean Shinoda (1998) Close to the Bone. New York: Scribner

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