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Law & Ethics 11: Diversity Humility

Updated for 2022

A six-hour live interactive course

with Jonathan Young and Anne Bach


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Course Description

The hours can be used to meet the Law & Ethics requirement or the new California Cultural Diversity mandate.

Each client brings a complex identity and unique gifts. Professional ethics include an appreciation of diversity. Our responsibilities include developing and maintaining cultural sensitivity. We seek to respect the rich differences among our clients, and respond appropriately. This course is designed for psychologists, LMFTs, LCSWs and other mental health professions.

Depth psychology has a long history of diversity research. Carl Jung did field work in Africa and India. He explored native American lore with a Pueblo Indian elder. We will also draw on comparative studies done by Joseph Campbell.

Law and Ethics 11 ~ Diversity Competence focuses on ethical issues in cross-cultural psychotherapy. We will discuss the 2017 film Avatar as a story about encountering otherness. Clinicians strive to stay alert to culturally-shaped emotional reactions. Developing inclusive perspectives includes acceptance of inner and outer uniqueness.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain ethical issues unique to cross-cultural depth psychology.

  • Examine how therapists can be seen differently by various cultural groups.

  • Elucidate behaviors that show respect to culturally different clients.

  • Describe ethical dimensions in the stages of cultural competence.

  • Recognize unconscious aspects of working with diverse populations.

  • Identify ways therapist’s ethics benefit from culturally responsive practices.

CE Credit information

The following CE credits are available:

  • Psychology, LMFT, LCSW, LPCC, Ed Psych, NBCC : 6 CE hours

  • Nursing : 7 hours

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Jonathan Young, PhD is a psychologist (PSY10231) with an international online practice. He teaches at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. His books and articles focus on personal mythology. Dr.Young assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell at seminars and was founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library. He is currently featured in several documentary series on the History Channel.

Anne Bach, M.S., MFT 38891 is a specialist in uses of writing in psychotherapy. She gives presentations on creativity as inner work at major conferences, and lectures widely on psychological dimensions of expressive writing. She also appears in memoir drama performances for various theater groups, including the Marsh Stage in Berkeley. Her clinical background includes poetry therapy with seriously mentally ill patients.

Day Schedule

Zoom link goes active at 9:30 a.m. - Seminar 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

10:00 Essentials of cultural competence:

- The psychodynamics of encounters with otherness

- The inner life of working with diverse populations

11:15 - Break (approximate time)

11:30 The unconscious in ethical practices

- Symbolism in stories of encountering otherness

- Demonstrating integrity in dealing with difference

12:30 - Lunch Break

1:30 Using reflective practices to enhance sensitivity:

- Writing as a bridge across differences

2:30 - Break (approximate time)

2:40 Dealing with projections well to reduce misunderstandings

- Thoughtful behaviors in awkward situations

- Ethical issues in cultural sensitivity

3:50 - Break (approximate time)

4:00 How therapists benefit from diverse encounters

- Repairing as deepening the bond

- Cultivating awareness to avoid liability

5:00 Course concludes

How to Register

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  2. Register online or call the Center

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Selections from the Reading List

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Young, Jonathan (1996) Saga - Best New Writings on Mythology Vol. 1. Ashland, OR: White Cloud Press

Young, Jonathan (2000) Saga - Best New Writings on Mythology Vol. 2. Ashland, OR: White Cloud Press

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